EtesnHome Cloud host

The cloud host is composed of CPU, memory, mirroring, and cloud hard disk. At the same time, it combines the capabilities of VPC, security group, and multiple copies of data to create an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment to ensure the lasting and stable operation of smart security services.

    Cloud host principle    

    Product advantages    


On the go, increase or decrease capacity in minutes


It can provide a variety of specifications according to user requirements, support specification upgrade and automatically adjust the number of virtual machines


Multiple copies of data are stored to improve data security; dedicated line access can lock the security mode to avoid human error and tampering.


Adopt mature network virtualization technology and network card binding technology to ensure the high stability of the network. Professional operation team 7*24 hours service

The third generation Cloud host

The wireless anti-theft alarm system components are transmitted to the virtual machine through WiFi (Internet of things NB IOT protocol). The front-end maintenance is simple, the virtual machine is easy to update, and there is no need to upgrade locally.