ETESNHOME Intelligent solutions

ETESN whole house intelligence provides users with a safer, more comfortable and convenient smart life. At the same time, it serves solutions for smart cities in multiple fields.


Wisdom Garden

The perimeter is equipped with a laser beam fence for accurate detection and all-weather protection; the outdoor microwave sensor can automatically turn on the light when the host comes home or guests visit. In case of fortification status, the alarm information will be pushed to the host in time for timely treatment.

Wisdom living room

Real-time intrusion is monitored through microwave induction, door sensor, sound and light alarm. An abnormality in the home triggers an alarm, and the system immediately pushes the alarm information to take timely measures.

Wisdom kitchen

When the concentration of combustible gas and smoke in the living environment reaches the alarm detection value, the audible and visual alarm will be linked to give an alarm, and at the same time, the alarm information will be pushed to inform the potential safety hazard in time, so as to provide users with a safe home.

Wisdom bedroom

The emergency button is convenient for the elderly to ask for help with one button, and the laser fence protects the bedroom from strangers.